Friday, November 30, 2012

The Christians

I've been slowly reading through the book of Acts. Even though I've read it many times, I still pick out lots of new gems, and this time it seems that I have learned many new things.  After the stoning of Stephen, the message of Jesus began to spread like wildfire, and the believers scattered because of persecution.  The Lord was working through many people, not just Jews!  The church in Jerusalem heard of this and they sent Barnabas to check it out.  When Barnabas arrived on the scene he recognized the grace of God working in the lives of these new Christians and he urged them to remain faithful to Jesus and maintain an enduring, unshakable devotion.
Barnabas himself was a good man, full of faith and the Holy Spirit, and many people were brought to the Lord through his words and his devotion and encouragement. It was with Barnabas and his work with Paul in Antioch that the term Christian was first used to identify disciples of Jesus!
It is my prayer that God will use me to encourage others to have an endurable, unshakable devotion. It is my prayer that I will have an endurable unshakable devotion deeply rooted within me, and be that example to others, the way Barnabas was. The Holy Spirit worked through him in miraculous ways, and thousands were saved. Christians were made!
Say That Again, Jesus, You work through Your people and develop endurable unshakable devotion!

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