Friday, November 2, 2012

The Rejoicers

This morning I continued reading in Acts. In chapter 5 it tells how the Apostles preached about Jesus everywhere they went and all the time.  The High priest was getting annoyed by this behavior, and when Peter and the others were brought before the high council he was asked by the high priest why he insisted on preaching in the name of Jesus when he had been given strict orders to stop?
Peter made it very clear to the council that he would choose to obey God over men, therefore he would continue to preach the Good News of Jesus!  The council did not take kindly to Peter's answer, but decided that this whole thing was more than likely a phase and it would pass. So, they decided to have Peter and the others flogged and then sent them on their way.
As the apostles left the council, they were not discouraged! But, rather, they were rejoicing.  To them it was a joy to be considered worthy to suffer disgrace for the sake of Jesus! So, they just kept on teaching in the name of Jesus, their Liberating King!
I asked myself what I would do? Whipped, abused, tortured, would I remain in a place of joy and continue to proclaim the name of Jesus?  Would I rejoice because of my suffering in His name? There are many believers throughout the world that face daily pressure to renounce their faith, but instead they boldly  remain faithful despite the persecution. Would I do the same?
Today, I am praying for the spirit to rejoice through me. I am praying for His name to be prominent upon my lips, and His boldness to be sure.
Say That Again, Jesus, You rejoice in Your Father, and I rejoice in You!

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