Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Boots for Two

My daughter in law and I ventured out in the crazy world of shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. We were not early birds like so many people, but rather more laid back with a leisurely cup of coffee first then a trip to the mall. We had a great time poking through little girl dresses and frilly things for my grand daughter.  And, enjoyed dreaming about sparkly shoes on our own feet.
We both have a love for boots,  but our budget right now does not allow us to treat ourselves with all the boots we desire. But, when we saw a pair of black lace up boots with soft supple leather and lined in fur, we came up with the perfect plan! Why not split the cost and share the boots? So, we did. She has the boots for two weeks, then it will be my turn, back and forth we will go! It'll be fun!
It brought a spark of joy to my day, and once again confirmation of how truly blessed I am. God blessed me with four wonderful sons and a sweet daughter. Now, I have three lovely daughter in laws to add to the mix, and yesterday He added boots! It was a bonus day.
I looked up joy this morning in my bible, and this is the first verse I came across, it seemed fitting for today:

More joy in one ordinary day than they get in all their shopping sprees.
Psalms 4:7

God walked around with us yesterday and He infused some joy into the day. He took me out of my normal busy day and gave me some one on one time with my daughter. It was a joyful, ordinary day in the mall!
God, Say That Again to me, You will bring more days of joy to me, ordinary days, boot days, sparkly shoe days, daughter days. You have promised, and You do what You say!

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