Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Big Birthday Football Game

We celebrated my son and my husbands birthday today. It was fun. We had almost the entire family here, we missed one daughter, who was sick.  When we asked our son what his wishes were for his birthday he said he wanted to have an energy drink (his first ever) and play foot ball all day! So, at 5:30 this morning he woke up and sat on the couch beside me drinking his energy drink. He liked it.

It was exciting to him when his brothers arrived and the game was on.

Our son is richly blessed with a lot of brothers, sweet sisters, and a great dad. He is growing so fast, and becoming a pretty cool big brother himself. Once again, God is reminding me of my blessings, and they are numerous, especially on birthdays and football days!
Say That Again, Jesus, You have blessed me with a great game of football!

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