Monday, March 31, 2014

The Missing Children

My children love to play outside. They both were riding their dirt bikes today while I was getting dressed, I could hear the buzz of the motors going though the forest.  Our bedroom windows face the main area they were bombing around in, so every now and then I'd check on them. After being in the basement for a few minutes, I came back upstairs and realized it was eerily quiet. I couldn't hear their bikes. I couldn't hear them talking. I couldn't hear anything at all.
I hurried outside, looked around, nothing. I started to call their names, nothing. I ran to the back of the house, still calling, nothing. By this time, panic was starting to set in a little bit. I went up to the main road, still nothing. I sent a text to my husband, then called him. I was feeling afraid. I haven't lost my children before, and never in the forest. I had all kinds of thoughts rush through my mind of what may have happened. It was impossible to settle them down, I just kept calling out to God and to my husband to please do something! It felt like an eternity as I scanned the forest, talked to my husband, plead with God. I witnessed flashes of fear, and felt a million feelings. Just as I was thinking of gathering a posse; I turned to see my daughter run towards me.
I ran towards her and grabbed her with exuberance, and held her tightly, she may not have been able to breathe. I was so happy and relieved to see her. Still, I could not stop crying. I asked her where her brother was and she explained that he was in the barbed wire. We ran into the forest.
My husband in the meantime was on his way home. He clearly recognized my panic, and dropped everything at work to come home. I had stayed on the phone with him until we reached my son, who was not actually caught in the barbed wire, but was working to get his bike out of the wire. I pulled my son into my arms as well and vehemently expressed my love for him and how pleased I was to see him safe.
I've thought a lot about my experience today. It was very emotional and scary. But, this was really small compared to what some mothers have experienced. Sometimes, their children do not come back, they are truly lost. Many children never come home. The heart wrenching pain that this must cause is unthinkable.
When I was in the depth of my experience I kept calling out to God. I was saying "Oh God, Oh God!"  I didn't know what else to say, I just needed Him to hear my plea and find my children. "Oh, God!"  I thought of a verse that I have often read in 1 Peter 1:2

Not one is missing, not one forgotten.
God the Father has His eye on each of you, and has
determined by the work of the Spirit to keep you 
obedient through the sacrifice of Jesus.
May everything good from God be yours!

God knows where every child is. He knew today where my children were the entire time. He heard my frantic cry "Oh God, oh God!"  His eye never left them or me, not once. Sometimes it feels different. Sometimes it feels forgotten. I think for the children that do not come back, it would be very hard to believe that no one is missing or forgotten. My heart is crying for those mothers, I am calling out, "Oh God, oh God! You have said not one is missing, not one is forgotten. Your eye is on each one and Your Spirit will keep them. Jesus Say it Again to all the mothers with the missing children!"

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