Friday, April 4, 2014

The Time

It's Spring break. My children have been staying up late at night and sleeping in late. Yesterday we celebrated my daughters ninth birthday. Her favorite gift was the air soft gun she received. She did not receive anything pink or frilly; that's not the way she rolls. She's all about dirt bikes, soccer, guns, juggling, and Lego.

I took the week off of work so I could be with them. Our week has consisted of getting misplaced in the woods, a service project, a zip line adventure, errands, movies, x-box, go-carts, laser tag, mini-golf, parties, pizza, more pizza, lasagna again and again, and candy.
Tomorrow, we will wrap up our Spring break adventure with a trip to Seattle.
Did I mention we keep eating pizza and lasagna?  I like to make lasagna with spinach, mushrooms, and onions. But, today, I skipped all that and simply made it with all the cheeses---my kids thought they were in heaven. Not as healthy, but I didn't feel bad about it at all, since they get a healthy scoop of spinach everyday in their smoothie.
My daughter collected all kinds of candy at her birthday party, and before I could gather myself she had eaten it all. I lectured her on brushing her teeth, so hopefully that turns out okay!
My kids are growing up really fast. My son, now twelve and my daughter now nine. The passing of time is a fascinating thing. Sometimes I feel like there is so much of it, then the next moment I realize there's so little. In just five short years my daughter will be fourteen years old, in ten years she will be nineteen! The passing of time.
As I look at my life in terms of time, there are many things I could have managed better. How much time do I waste? I'm not saying that it's necessary to be busy all the time, I don't think that's true. Maybe I wasted time being busy.  Maybe I missed out on a friendship because I chose to get something done rather than sit with a friend. Or, maybe I chose to isolate. How have I used my time? How have you used your time?
When I think of my values, how does time factor into that? How important is the to do list, really?  In my life experience, the people that have impacted me the most are the ones that have consistently valued my time above the list.and used their time to invest in my life. Friends that take the time to call, instead of text, or send a note in the mail. Loved ones that step out of their busy lives long enough to have a meal and talk, or take a walk. Friends that pray for me when I reach out in need. This all takes precious time.
We live in a country that values the to do list above the relationship. I've been to many other countries where it is opposite, they live life at a much slower pace. They enjoy time. What is the rush all about anyway? Why must we get so much done? Who says I can't take a siesta every day?
When I arrive at the feet of Jesus, time will still be at my side; time with Him and time with the ones I love. The only gift I will bring into heaven with me is relationship and the investment of time I have made on earth. The scurry of stuff that needed to get done will be erased, the beauty of time will last.
Jesus, I want to use my time to serve you and bring you glory, be the perfecter of my time. Each day as I awake I will continue to Say That Again!


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