Monday, April 14, 2014

In Humble Service

Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the feet of
the disciples, drying them with his apron.
John 13:5

My husband and I visited a local church yesterday. I was in need of God, both my husband and I desperately needed worship and time in the presence of God. His Spirit was sweet there.
The praise of song was full upon the lips of his people, and I could feel my heart lift. Children praised, with their arms lifted to the heavens, and the prayers of many were ringing throughout the walls.
God's Spirit spoke through the pastor reminding me that nothing is possible without the power of God. Nothing. It all comes from God. 
And then, in love the pastor and his wife offered to wash the feet of anyone in his congregation. Three chairs were set up on the stage with basins of water. Two more chairs were set on the sides for anyone else that might want to wash each others feet. It was truly beautiful.
My husband and I went to the side chair and I washed his feet. Then he washed mine. We found it to be an incredible act of humility and a beautiful reminder that God has given us to each other to serve.
The Spirit of God dwells within me so I can serve in humble obedience to my God. More of him, less of me.
Oh Jesus, may all that I do, be in humble service to you!  I so much need to remember everyday who I am serving. It is Jesus!  Why do I do what I do? Why do I write this blog? Why do I go to work? What's the purpose of serving my family? 
To see Jesus.
What are you doing today to see Jesus? 
Jesus, use me today in humble service for you. 
More of you, less of me.
Say That Again! 

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