Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Vulnerable Day

Today was a people day.This morning I met with a friend early, and we had good conversation. I don't meet for coffee anymore, because I quit drinking coffee months ago. It's been weird to not have coffee, because I truly believed it was something that I would never give up. Occasionally, I think about having some, but I haven't yet.
I was challenged today emotionally. I felt tired. And, when I am tired it makes everything seem bigger and a little more twisted. My heart felt very vulnerable, and as I admitted that to some of my friends today, it felt scary. I have built some walls around my heart again, because my heart has been hurt.
 Today as friends prayed over me I knew God was speaking. I was blessed. The pressing of my heart against the heart of Jesus was a refuge to my soul.

Trust in Him at all times, O people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us
Psalms 62:8

Late this afternoon, our son had his parent/student conference. He is in sixth grade, and he did a great job leading. He is so grown up, and he's doing great in school. Both my husband and I are so proud of him. 
And now, it is evening. I feel like being alone. I need rest and time with Jesus. It is Spring break, so I will be getting some of that. Praise God for breaks and time for restoration. I am praying for restoration in my brokenness, wisdom upon my lips, courage in my heart, truth within every gap, courage within my heart, discernment deeply rooted, and the power of His Spirit to be like wild fire within and around me.
Jesus, I continue to come before Your Throne and Say That Again to You!

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  1. He binds up the broken hearted.


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