Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Serendipity

There's a few things I like to collect--shells, rocks, boots, and signs.  My family and friends are usually very helpful when it comes to collecting my favorite things, and I always find that fun and exciting.
This year for my birthday I received more signs to add to my already fun collection. Now, when  I need an attitude adjustment I've got a sign to direct me:

If I forget about my blessings, my good life, or my friends I have reminders of that too:

The days that I need to see words that keep me in touch with His strength and His love, or brings me in touch with a little  humor are appreciated as well:

I have many more signs with fun sayings. All of them mean something to me.  I like words. I like the word Serendipity.  It means an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. Even though I believe God orchestrates all things, I also believe He brings gifts to all days, and those gifts are like desirable discoveries found by accident, a sign of His love. They are people that come into my life to hug away my bad attitude, or a friend that calls for coffee, a note in the mail to remind me that I am loved, a verse in God's Word to strengthen me, time with my family playing, and less work sweeping the floor!
Jesus, thank you that You continue to Say That Again to me, You will bring serendipity into my life!

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