Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Loyal

Who am I to be loyal to? This is a question I've had the last couple of weeks. Naturally, I'm going to be loyal to my God, husband,  family, and a loyal friend. I decided to look up the word loyal just to see what Webster had to say about the whole thing:

-faithful to one's sovereign , government or state: a loyal subject.

-faithful to one's oath, commitments, or obligations: to be loyal to a vow.

-faithful to any leader, party, or cause, or any person or thing conceived as deserving fidelity: a loyal friend.
-characterized by or showing faithfulness to commitments, vows, allegiance,obligations, etc loyal conduct.

God is Sovereign, and to Him I will be a loyal subject. I have made a commitment to Him to follow Him all the days of my life.I will be loyal to the cause of furthering His Kingdom, and loyal to the unity of His family. I will continue to move forward and live in the light of His love, showing faithfulness to my God and the commitments I have made. I will continue to ask Him to lead me and show me how to live a loyal life.
Jesus walked everyday with His friends, He loved them, He talked to them. He was deeply involved in their lives. He was a loyal friend to them, and He still is. He shared with them from the very depths of His heart, holding nothing back, because He loved. His loyal love to them was His actions, His time, His words, His healing power, His tenderness. And then He told them to be like Him! He tells me to be like Him.
If I think about being loyal to Him, and I ask Him to enable me to be a loyal person the way that He is, then it means I am in relationship.  I am loyal because I love you, just like Jesus loves me!
Jesus, I think I need You to continue to Say That Again to me, because I don't always believe it for myself! And, I want to be like you, loyal to others as we walk together.

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