Monday, December 3, 2012

The Hope

I have episodes of random hopelessness. It strikes suddenly, and I am not always prepared. This morning I read in Sarah Young again, and then later today it was read to me. I needed to hear it twice. It was about the battle that can strike our minds, without warning. The massive warfare. I have learned that when I am in the thick of a battle there is great value in repeating the name of Jesus, over and over again. His name, when used for good, has great power to bless and protect. In the devotional today she said this:

"But all those who have drawn near Me through trustingly uttering My Name will be filled with inexpressible and glorious joy. This is your great hope, as you wait My return."

I love that! My great hope! I love it, because, sometimes I feel dread, and that is not so great. I had a discussion about hope today and I was working at wrapping my brain around a little hope, because I was in the middle of an onslaught. It wasn't going so well. The thing I love so much about God is, as I headed out to my car and turned on my music the song that came on was "Hope" by Remedy Drive.

What a beautiful sight for the worn and weary eye
The glimmering light in the corner of a broken sky
Hope sweet hope like a star burning bright
When the sun goes down and the fears begin to fly

Hope's not giving up
Hope's not giving up
In a cold dark night she's giving 
Not giving up

Hold on tight this city's about to break
In the middle of the night lying there wide awake
Hope sweet hope how much more can she take
Being our strength when our hearts are out of faith

Hope is with me in my time of trouble 
When it all comes crashing down she will stay 
By my side digging through the rubble
She's not giving up-not giving up-not giving up

So, here I am. I had a day where my hope went flinging about, but God rescued me with a devotional, a fellow sister in Christ, and a song.  He gave me the devotional about hope first thing in the morning, before I even started to feel that way, but He knew I would struggle. He brought all the right people into my life, all the right songs, with the perfect timing. He is magnificent. He is the God that loves. He is the God of Hope.
Say that Again to me, Father, You are Hope.

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