Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Festive Celebration

My family and friends gathered around me in such a fabulous way that 50 was a wonderful celebration!  I felt very loved and cared for, the time and effort they put into throwing a great party was very meaningful to me.
We had diamonds strewn about, confetti everywhere, crowns sparkling, colorful balloons, beautiful letters of affections and love, lovely cards, and thoughtful gifts. The food was good, and the cake was chocolate :) Perfect! We played twister, and hit a pinata'
Many of the people that I love and care about deeply came to celebrate with me; it was delightful to have them.  I didn't want to be alone on my birthday, and I was not. There was laughter, and there was love, and I was blessed.
In Psalms 118:24 it says this:

This is the very day God acted-let's celebrate and be festive!

God acted on the very day I was born, and that is why my family, friends, and I celebrated and were festive yesterday! It was great. My goal? It is to celebrate and be festive everyday, because I know that God acts every single day in my life. He is here with diamonds strewn about in my life every day, love always present speaking through the people in my life, He has already placed a crown of jewels on my head and declared that I am His daughter, He has placed color in my life everywhere, and rich taste, and beautiful gifts. Everywhere I look, there is something to celebrate and be festive about!
Say That Again, my Jesus, You celebrate everyday over me, You dance at the festivities! Thank you for teaching me Your truth!

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