Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Decorations

We cut our tree yesterday. My husband and son brought it in the house and twinkled it up with lights. We listened to some music, and we looked at all the ornaments that we've had in our family for 30 years now. Sweet little pictures of when our adult boys were little, or handcrafted ornaments made by small hands. We have one ornament that all my children have loved throughout the years, the horn. Every year, they get  it  out of the box and loudly blow the horn. Every year, my husband and I wonder why we continue to put the horn back in the box! Our oldest son use to get the horn and wake us up with it on Christmas morning, at 4 am! Now, it's just tradition. What would Christmas be like without it?
Every year, we make gingerbread houses and blow them up in a gazillion pieces....
Every year, we gather together to play games, eat, enjoy the company of family.
Every year, inside my heart, I celebrate another year the birth of Jesus and the gift of new life. Look what He has done? Because of Him I can have all of this. My family and friends. A place to live, food to eat, forgiveness, His Robe of Righteousness wrapped securely around me.
Every year, I know a little more that Christmas is about CHRIST, and less about me. His birth in me shines and there is celebration, and like my Christmas tree, He decorates my life.  He adds light, twinkle. He adds ornament, character, depth, beauty, hope, love, and His power. It's Him. He does it.
Thank You Jesus for this Christmas. Say That Again to me, You decorate my life!

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