Monday, February 24, 2014

The Soup Cook Off

This last weekend Agape had The Soup Cook Off. We had a lot of fun. My Warrior Sisters worked hard to make the event something that the community would enjoy. They invited a lot of people, and they were fruitful in their efforts.
This is the first event that we have had Agape t-shirts. It was exciting for us to have matching shirts with our logo. It's exciting to me to see what God is doing with his ministry, and in his community.

I prayed a lot over The Soup Cook Off. I so much want to have events in our ministry that bring the heart of Jesus to others. As I was praying about this the morning of the event, this is the verse I read in my Bible:

Those who trust in God are like Zion Mountain:
Nothing can move it, a solid rock mountain
you can always depend on.
Psalms 125:1

Whatever God is sending me to do, I want to trust him so strongly that I cannot be moved. I want to trust that it is all in his Hands and I can depend on him. He will pull through, and he always has. Sometimes, I view things differently, which puts me at risk for disappointment, but if I am trusting in him, I will stay solid as a mountain and depend on him to get me through, and his heart will be evident.
Jesus, I will Say That Again, You are the God I trust!  

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