Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Lamp

Just over a year ago a good friend of mine died. After her death, I went back to her home to be with her sister for a few days. It was a quiet trip, we didn't go anywhere, or really do anything. We sat on the bed a lot and talked. Even though it was a sad time, I look back on it with sweetness. When it was time to come back home, I had in my hand a box of jewelry that my friend had kept in her drawer for many years. Most of it was old brooches. I knew I wouldn't wear them, but it was nice to have something that belonged to her.
After a time, I decided to take the brooches and decorate a lamp shade. It turned out to be a unique project, and I like it a lot. Now, every morning when I get up and it's still dark outside, I turn on the brooch light, and I'm reminded of my friend.
Light has been a big topic for me lately. I'm doing a word study right now on light in my Bible, and I am finding that to be very interesting. I am currently in 2 Samuel 23; this is what it says:

He who rules over men righteously, 
who rules in the fear of God,
Is as a light of the morning
when the sun rises

After reading this, I jumped over to chapter 22, I noticed that I had a bunch of verses underlined there. And, it fit right in with my word study!

For you are my lamp, O Lord;
And the Lord illumines my darkness.

In the early morning, I can see the sun rise. It is beautiful. God's light begins to fill every crevice with light, soon my brooch lamp is not needed. The created light of God shines through. 
I have often prayed for God's light to shine through me. I want others to see Him, not me. There have been a lot of areas for God's light to illuminate inside of me, every day I find that there is another corner that needs His light. I am just a broken vessel, but He continues to bring all the broken pieces out of the darkened corners into His light, and it is very good.
Sometimes, to stand still in God's light is uncomfortable. When I do that I am allowing Him to deeply root me inside of Him.  When I stand still in His light, I am listening to Him, and giving Him my fears and my sin. When I stand still, I am admitting that I cannot control the situation. He sees me, I am not invisible to Him. He will shine through me, and still love me. When I stand still, the secrets cannot stay.
Jesus, You are my Light, and I love you. Everyday You are a Light to my path. Say That Again to me, You will light my path!

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