Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who do You say that I am?

Even though I grew up hearing all the Bible stories, and being told stuff about God, I did not have a clue about my position IN Christ. The enemy, was having a great time giving me all kinds of destructive thoughts like "don't talk", "you're not okay" "nobody likes you" everyone will leave you" etc...
As time has progressed, and my journey with Christ has developed He has brought people into my life and revealed to me the beauty of truth. I am discovering Who I really am IN Him, and its pretty cool.
I have the power and authority to send the enemy away, along with the negative thoughts. This has taken a lot of work and discilpline, and sometimes they come back. But, the intensity lessens, and as I am clothed in Jesus Christ, I am learning that He will fight these battles for me when I submit to Him (imagine that :-) )
I was really giddy when I realized that I was actually a saint (Eph1:1) who sometimes sins! Not a sinner. We are God's saints, everyone of us, we are not sinners. We walk in His light, we are children of Light, spiritually alive in Him, we have victory already. We are seated with Him in the heavenly realm and we have access to every spiritual blessing. And, we are complete in Him. Wait a minute, COMPLETE? I've always been told that I was broken? What's this complete in Christ stuff all about?
It's true. Col.2:10 says so, look for yourself. Right there in the word of God it says that I am complete in Christ! My behaivor might be broken sometimes, but that's not Who I Am! I am complete IN Christ, because He has redeemed me. I am united with Him, one Spirit, which means I have access to the power of that Spirit. Whoa--the POWER of the Spirit.
Say that again, God! I want to hear it! Who do YOU say that I am?

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