Monday, December 20, 2010


In the early quiet of the mornings I get up and make my coffee and I read my Bible and pray. It is a delightful time of day for me. Prayer, to me, is sanity. It is the one thing that keeps me on track for the day.  I pray throughout the day, but that one time in the morning is my big moment alone with God, and it is very sweet. I usually write my prayers to Him in my journal and I spend a good hour doing it, then I just listen. He brings to me answers from on high and it is in those quiet, sweet moments that I can dance with God!
What does He say? This morning He told me that He would protect me and that He would continue to be my Keeper. He asked me to keep my eyes on Him, to stay IN His heart and He would remain IN my heart. One Spirit, One mind, together.
He said that I was free as a dove, that I could go fly and then told me to read Galatians 3.  It's all about faith in Christ, not the law!'s talking to God, everyday about my stuff.  It's praising Him for who He is. He is truth, He is the breath of Life, He is my protector, My defense, My keeper, Life itself!  Prayer sustains me, it moves me through the day, it calms me.  Prayer gives me perspective, it helps me see Gods view. Prayer changes everything!
Prayer is the first thing I will do and the last thing I will do, sometimes it's the only thing I should do.  Prayer is the most powerful thing I can do. It's my tool, I use it to ask God for the POWER of His Spirit, for the fruit of His Spirit, for His peace, for His Love!  Whew, why wouldn't I pray? It's so, so , cool, and God is so awesome.
He speaks to me when I pray!  Say that again, God! All of it, I want to know YOU!

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