Thursday, December 23, 2010

I can't just talk about Love?

As God has patiently (and yes, He has had to be extremely patient with me) journeyed me through the obstacle course of life. I admit I certainly do not always talk or walk in love. This is not stellar behaivor on my part, and I'm not pleased to admit this, but it's true. This is an area of prayer for me, where I have thrown myself at the Throne and in submission to my Savior fully admitted to Him that I cannot love unless He does it through me.
Has anyone looked at 1 Corinthians 13 lately? It's beautiful, but not possible, not for me anyway.  I know that I need Jesus to completely take over every inch of my soul, for me to carry out that chapter...
I like the way it's worded in the Message:

Love never gives up- I have given up on love in the past. Thrown up my hands, thrown in the towel, walked away. All done, kinda like the little two year old who has had enough, yeah, that was me.

Love cares more for others than for self-ok, well, hmm, this has required vigirous prayer. It's been an eye-opening experience to say the least, and still, God continues to reveal to me how self gets in the way. I am out for my self, and unless I keep God at the center, I will not be able to love others more than I love myself. Prayer without ceasing, it's the only way, the life line to God.

Love doesn't strut-Why not? I did such a great job!! God has challenged me to be able to discuss my accomplishments and learn to give Him the credit. Who is this about? Sin gets in the way, and I sometimes forget, love goes out the window.

Isn't always me first- Why do I always have to be last, it's not fair.  Whoops, was that my two year old voice again.  Sometimes it comes to the surface and it's actually an outside voice. :-)

Doesn't fly off the handle-This could be referring to me driving in the car again with my children and my stinky dog, and the doors that still do not work. Oh, and the side view mirror that is now broken as well, is this a problem? My nine year old complaining about the Monkey store that we have to shop in AGAIN, and my five year old explaining that the monkey store is actually called the Stinky Monkey and she likes it there. So, why is she crying, again? The dog is still farting, maybe that is why she's crying..I'm thinking about "flying off the handle"

Doesn't keep score of the sins of others- I have had to ask God to take my grudges, you know those nasty resentments.  The stuff that turns into bitterness and steals our joys. It's not good stuff, and I discovered I had a list.  He was very kind and gracious to point them out to me and quick to take them when I gave them. It was a delightful experience for me to have Him swoop them up.
Take Pleasure in the flowering Truth- Ah, the truth. Yes, it does set me free, and to be able to pursue it with a passion and actually let it penetrate my heart. This is what enables me to love freely and willingly.

Always looks for the best-yes, the best in people. As God sees me, He sees my heart, He loves me unconditionally. This is how I am choosing to see others, I want to see the heart of each person I encounter, and I want to love them as God loves them. Through Him, it is possible.  He will work through me and love them deeply and fully.  He will show me their heart and grow trust.  He will give me discernment, and wisdom.

Love never dies- It never dies because God is love, He is action inside of me. He's my steps, moving me forward in relationships, in His love.  Say that again, God, it reassures me. And, it makes me feel loved.

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