Thursday, May 1, 2014

Walking Together

It was a blessing for me to be able to spend last weekend with my Agape Sisters. We stayed at a cabin by the lake. We had a lot of time to talk to each other about God, our needs, our fears, our dreams, and much more. We learned about each others gifts, and God showed me the amazing ways he is answering my prayers. 
Some of these women have been in my life a long time, others for a shorter time. Two of them are my daughter in-laws. All of them have stayed by my side because we are friends, and because we all have the Spirit of God living inside of us. We have walked together.
We do not leave each other's sides.
I've prayed for God to bring his gifts into my life. The Gifts of his Spirit, and he has blessed my life with many. As I listened to my sisters talk of their gifts I realized that God had brought almost all the gifts into my life through them, just as I had asked!  God is my friend, he will never leave my side, and because of his great love he brings beauty into my life. Beauty like friendship.
Our weekend was full. We did a lot of planning for Agape. I learned new things about myself and about my sisters. I learned that I will always need others to walk beside me. I learned that God is calling me to step into a place of service for him that requires me to walk beside others and never leave. 
Jesus, this is what you do and your Spirit is rooted deep within me so we will walk together.  Say That Again,  we are walking together!

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