Sunday, May 11, 2014

Faith and Fun

Agape Celebration had our first Mother's Day Fun Tea yesterday.  It was fun. Our team worked exceptionally well together, and I knew that God's hand was upon each one of us. I felt very blessed.
Our Fun started at 3:00, we had about 2 hours to get the dining room set up. We had to work fast, and I felt a little anxious before hand about all the work set before us. We were able to bring all of our belongings in the night before and decorate the room, which was helpful. But, still we had a lot of tables to set up and food trays to prepare, with little time to do it in.
It all came together quickly! As 3:00 approached, we realized we didn't have enough tables. More people were coming, and we were full. Even though the first impulse was to turn them away, God's Spirit urged us to welcome everyone in. He would provide enough of everything. And, provide, He did.
God tested my faith, and celebrated with fun! It was a joyous occasion. I came away from the Fun Tea with some good lessons, and again recognizing that I have so much more to learn. We made several mistakes and need the grace of others. We also did some fun, wonderful and delightful things that I think brought God's Kingdom into the hearts of others. That is something to celebrate. And, my faith was strengthened, my fun muscles were exercised, and again my Sister's experienced the beauty of team work. Praise God!
Say That Again, Praise God!

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