Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rule Keeper/Breaker

We live in a world of rules, and I grew up in a house of rules. I went to a church full of rules. As I have listened to the stories of many people and experienced a few more churches in my adult life, I am seeing that the majority of churches today are still based on rules. We like rules.
If someone breaks the rules, then there's a price to pay. Everyone else feels better that way. Crime equals time. When the church practices this same thing, we are also practicing earthly government. 
What about true restoration?  As the Body of Christ we have been given the gift of repentance which leads to restoration. Restoration is when the rule breaker is restored back to the place of honor. Restoration brings the rule breaker into relationship with God and man!
This doesn't sound like punishment.
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven!
Are you a rule keeper? Or are you living in freedom?
He wants to protect his relationship with you, not with the rules.
Oh Jesus, I am praising you for what you have done for me and for all your children. I am praising you for the position you are calling me to because you LOVE me and because you want to be with me. I am praising you for asking me to step up with honor as your daughter, and say "Jesus is KING." I will Say That Again!

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