Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Target

The last several months I've spent a lot of time reading the Gospels. Not only have I read them, but I've watched various sermons on the Gospels, and read a couple other books that talk about the Gospels. I have found it all to be a fascinating experience. 
Jesus was an unusual person while He walked this earth. I like that He always told the truth, and He wasn't concerned about what others thought of Him. This morning I read the story of Jesus feeding the crowd of 5000. It starts out with Jesus looking over the large crowd and then asking Philip where they could buy bread for so many people. Obviously, they can't buy bread for all those people, but Jesus still asks the question! Philip is quick to let him know that it is far too expensive to buy that much bread. In the mean time, Andrew comes along and lets Jesus know that there is someone in the crowd with food, so Jesus tells him to go get the food. They do, Jesus blesses it, and serves ALL the people.  
Fast forward to the next day. All these people had lingered through the night and now they want to find Jesus again. They want to eat, they are hungry! Jesus is nowhere to be found, so they go searching. When they find him, Jesus doesn't give them the breakfast they are craving. He tells them that He is the bread of life and that to be satisfied they must eat His flesh and drink His blood. What?
Most of them didn't like that, so they turned to leave. As they walked off, Jesus looked at His disciples and asked them if they planned to walk off too. They said no. Jesus watched all the people walk away, and He let them go. He didn't run after them. He didn't start preaching to try to entice them back. He just let them go. And, it happened a lot, he didn't seem to want to focus on the big huge crowd, really. His focus was more on the smaller few, the ones with whom He could build intimate relationship with and would take out His Word to others after He was gone.
If I am to walk as Jesus walked, to live in truth, then what's the target? Big crowds, or small intimate relationships? If I am speaking the truth, the hard stuff, how many people are going to walk away? Who will want to stay?
Jesus, speak truth through me. Be my words, my thoughts, and use me today to build relationships for your Kingdom. Say That Again, speak truth!

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