Friday, January 17, 2014

The Life Verse

The first verse I remember learning in the Bible was Psalms 27:1. It has always been one of my favorite verses, and the verse I always turn to. I call it my life verse.

The Lord is my Light and my salvation,
 whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the defense of my life;
whom shall I dread?

There's been some circumstances in my life the last few months that have made it clearer to me why I have loved this verse. For me, having God inside of me as my Light is a reality. He lights my life, He lights my path, He lights my words, He lights anything that hints darkness. When I begin to feel afraid, He brings in light and shows me the way. 
As I have focused more the last few months on the Gospel and abiding in Christ, He has drawn out my insecurities, and lovingly filled them with His light. This has been an amazing experience for me. 
As I've looked at the insecurities and fears that continually pop up in my life, some in lesser degrees, Jesus continues to come to my defense in every area. He has been a soothing balm on my wounds, and a blazing light to the darkest fears. When I am faced with feelings of rejection, sadness, loneliness, or I just want to "be done", I have been able to pray in such a way that God lights my soul and defends my heart. It is good, because salvation comes to my being, and the dread is gone. 
Jesus, Light of my life, Say that Again, over and over!

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