Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Wall Builder

This morning I read the book of Nehemiah.  He was the cup bearer for the king, but God told him to go and rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. The wall was falling a part, and Nehemiah admitted that this was depressing to him. The king gave him permission to go, and begin the work.
The enemies began to threaten and worked hard to intimidate Nehemiah and his crew, but he stood firm! In chapter 2, verse 20, he said this:

The God of Heaven will make sure we succeed. We're His servants and we're going to work, rebuilding. You can keep your nose out of it. You get no say in this-Jerusalem's none of your business.

Still, the enemies taunted. So, Nehemiah posted armed guards:

So I stationed armed guards at the most vulnerable places of the wall and assigned people by families with their swords, lances, and bows. After looking things over I stood up and spoke to the nobles, officials, and everyone else: "Don't be afraid of them. Put your minds on the Master, great and awesome, and then fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes."
chapter 4:14

Then He said:

"There's a lot of work going on and we are spread out all along the wall, separated from each other. When you hear the trumpet call, join us there; our God will fight for us."

The wall was finished in 52 days. When all the enemies heard the news that the wall was finished they lost their nerve. They all knew that God was behind the work!
I admire Nehemiah. I like how he heard what God wanted him to do, and he set out to do it. I like how he was able to stand up against his enemies and discern the lies from the truth. I like how he encouraged all the workers and reminded them that God would fight for them.
Today I want to remember that God will help me succeed. I am His servant, and I am rebuilding lives for Him. I don't need to be afraid because my Master is great and awesome. There's a lot of work going on and I know that God is behind it and He will continue to light the path, and fight for me and others.
Say That Again, Jesus, You will fight for me!

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