Monday, June 17, 2013

The Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day. It was a very relaxing day at our house. We stayed home all day. We ate strawberry shortcake for breakfast and for dinner. My husband and my daughter went for a motorcycle ride. My son drove the motorcycle by himself around and around our driveway while my husband and I sat on the porch and watched him. Our grandson played in the tupperware drawer, and scattered blocks all over the kitchen. I read my Bible. My husband worked on his computer. He heard from each of his children, and it meant a lot to him. We spent time just talking, easy talking, enjoying each other. Yesterday was a very nice day, it didn't rush by like a lot of days do, it was slow, and content. I really liked it.
My husband is a good man, he loves God, he loves his family. His children love him, and I love him. He deserves to be honored all the days of his life. I'm happy he had a nice Father's Day!
I want each day of my life to be my Father's Day. I want to relax in His presence and bless Him. I want to always be content in Him and know that with Him each day will go by peacefully in His care. Even when the circumstances are scattered around me, I can rest in Him. He is good all the time.
Father God, Say That Again to me, each day is Your day!

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