Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Women of God-part 2

All of these women are Warriors for Jesus, filled with His Spirit. Every one of us have the voice of the Spirit within us, and He uses us to spread the WORD of His kingdom. It is good.
He uses me to teach both female and male, to pray for them, love them, prophecy over them, and minister to them. I know this because His Spirit is within me, and it is His Spirit that is working through me and speaking through me, using me, and each of these women. It is the Spirit using my husband, and my children, creating us as equals under the Head, which is Christ.

 Old Testament prophetes and judge Deborah, led Israel. There were a lot of men in Israel. She was a Warrior women.
There were other women prophets as well: Miriam, Huldah, Noadiah, and Isaiah's wife.
In the New Testament I encountered more women prophetesses:  Philips daughters. Philip was an evangelist and he had four daughters with the gift of prophecy.
I also love the story of the Women at the well. After she left Jesus, she went back to her town and taught the people there everything that she had learned. It was because of her the town became convicted. She was used to teach many men!
Before God, men and women are equal. We both have His Spirit within us, and we both are used to speak, to teach, to love, to be used for His Kingdom.
What do you think?

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