Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rise up and Walk

This last weekend I went with a friend to a weekend retreat. It was good. I enjoyed it mostly because I had a lot of time alone with Jesus.  I was able to take a long afternoon hike to the top of a rock and sit in the sun. I read my Bible, prayed, and journaled. Lately, every time I pray, God has been saying one main thing, "Rise up, and walk" ! 
 I have felt mystified by His statement. But then, I realized this evening, that He is telling me that I am completely adequate in Him.  There is nothing that will ever hold me back, because He resides within my heart, NOTHING! 
Just like the man that was lowered through the roof  so Jesus could heal him. Then Jesus told him to take up his bed and walk. There was nothing that could hold that man back, he was healed and he was ready to go! Jesus  had restored him, renewed him, and certainly revived him!  Can you imagine how he must have felt? He got up off his bed and he walked, just like that! 
Rise up and walk! Every step is a next step of faith. And, I have to RISE UP AND WALK right into that step of faith. I will do it because He is calling me. 
He has restored the brokenness. He has renewed and revived the broken-hearted and brought His Spirit of completion. He never stops working to show me the areas to surrender to Him. What a Mighty God I have! Each day I will Rise up and Walk with Him and I know it will be good. 
Say That Again, My Jesus, Rise up and Walk!

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