Sunday, August 17, 2014

Women's Retreat 2014

Yesterday was Agape's Annual Retreat.  We worked hard to make it a delightful day, and God shed His light upon us throughout the entire day.

As I think back on the days leading up to the retreat, I am thankful for all that God accomplished. There were times that I felt like quitting. But, God brought light at those times and pressed into me and our team. He did a good work through each of us.
I am thankful for a team of women that pulled together, despite the many distractions. I am thankful for the beautiful location we were blessed with, and very thankful for the help from my family and friends.
I am thankful God used me to speak into the life of women, and to pray over deep needs. He works miracles in our lives, and I know He did that at our retreat.
I am thankful for the praise and dancing that brought smiles to every face. And the love that deepened in many relationships.
Now, I'm thinking and praying about the next event. What does God want and how will He work it all out?
Today, I am resting. My family and I purchased some peaches for canning and ate ice cream. Now, I think I will take a nap.
The joy of the Lord brings strength and energy to move ahead according to His plan. He is the Author and perfecter of my faith.
He prospers me in the mind of Christ, He prospers all my dreams and desires according to His will. His providence fills  my life, and the roots He firmly plants in my life will help others.
He prospers His Spirit within me and there is humble boldness. 
Say That Again, my Jesus, in you I do prosper every day of my life.

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