Thursday, August 7, 2014


 Two trees growing together, in unity.  I looked up the word unity, and the dictionary said: "the state of being one, oneness."
God calls His church to be unified. That means all of His children. 
If I am in unity with the Body of Christ, what does that look like?
I've been praying for God to give me a clearer picture of what unity looks like to him.  Does it mean we are members of every church? Does it mean we will think of each other, and be there for one another, even before spoken? Could it mean we will share our belongings, our dreams, and our lives with each other?
Lots' of people talk about unity. How is it walked out? I think it's uncomfortable on so many levels. Its loosing oneself for the good of the whole. Yet, I fight hard to keep myself. My boundaries. My life.
I pray to God about unity, seek it within my circles, yet sometimes I hold back. 
What am I afraid will happen?
In Psalms 133:1 it says:
"Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity."
In Colossians 3:14 there is an explanation of unity:
"Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity."
So, God is love. If we put on God, we will be perfectly united? And in that perfect unity we will find life to be pleasant and good. 
It sounds pretty simple
Yet, we have hundreds of churches and ministries, that are not so pleasant. 
I am not always pleasant, yet God dwells in me.  
Round and round it goes. 
Today I am asking God if unity is comfortable. It just seems like it would be, because there wouldn't be so much to bicker about. All of God's children would be welcome in his churches, membership well established because there is unity in Him. Welcome signs would be on every door. Living open handed would be a pleasure, sharing would feel exciting.
Do I always live in unity? 
I am curious to see what God is going to do, as I continue to seek unity with his people. 
Jesus, Say That Again,  unity exists in God.

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