Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Mud Pies

My daughter, son, and two grandchildren decided to play in the mud yesterday. They made the best mud pies in the state. They also had races on the skateboards, and played in the swing. They conquered the forest and all the giants with their sword sticks. It was a good day!
Fur Ball kept close watch on the entire ordeal, pretending to be a watch dog.

I've noticed that with kids they can make so many things into fun. They turned our driveway into mud pies. They made our walkway into a race track. And, our forest into an imaginary war zone. They found wood in the shed and made a ramp for their bikes to jump from. And my two year old grandchild, she danced in the yard with a baby doll, played on the swing, and also made mud pies. They weren't concerned about getting dirty, or what the other person might think. They didn't get caught up in the competition of being better than each other, or making judgments. They just had fun. I did too.
I had a discussion yesterday with friends about how we might limit Jesus in our lives. Later, while with my little group of children, I asked myself how often I limit Jesus from having fun? I think He has fun, but do I allow Him to take me with Him?
I am going to pray for Jesus to help me answer that question. And, when He does, I will ask Him to Say That Again!

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