Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My family has been on a nutritional reset. We have doing the WHOLE30 for the month of January. In many ways it has been fun, and other ways it has been very challenging. My husband and son found it to be a challenge initially as they detoxed from carbs and sugar. I found the challenge to be more emotional and time consuming. 
I was spending a lot of time preparing food, something I do not necessarily enjoy. Then, I found it emotionally draining to hear any grumbling or complaining about it. My patience the first couple of days was thin, as it felt like a lot of work with little benefit.
We are on our 18th day, and for me it doesn't feel like as much work now. I've figured out a good routine and I'm not living my life in the kitchen anymore. Thank God! My husband has been very helpful and even though he claims he hasn't noticed a lot of benefits, I think there have been several for him. He's lost weight for one. 
My son, still is not overly excited about our adventure, but he has stopped complaining. He even helps on occasion. And, he too has lost some weight and looks great. He is not excited about making less sugar and less carbs a way of life for us. But, that is our goal.
My daughter and I have done pretty well. She is looking forward to having pancakes again, her favorite weekend breakfast. 
My favorite part of this journey is that we have worked together as a family. We have had a big breakfast everyday, and sat down together to eat it. And, the same with our dinner. We make our brown bag lunches together. It has been a family effort, which to me has been very good. This is something I want to continue in our home. 
The value of learning nutrition and teaching our children moderation is something I've always believed in. It makes a difference when the entire family is on board, working together for a common goal.
I think this is true for all things concerning the family-church, time, communication, friends, etc The family is a unit to be unified together. 
What are the things you are doing in your family that bring unity? 
Jesus was all about unity with His disciples. He was with them day in and day out. He walked with them, talked with them, and ate with them.  He worked at relationship with them. They were high on His list of priorities.
I like the way Jesus lived! It was whole! Say That Again!
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