Saturday, July 4, 2015

Deep unto Deep

Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; all Your waves and billows have gone over me. The Lord will command His loving kindness in the daytime, and the night His song shall be with me-a prayer to the God of my life.
Psalms 42:7, 8

This last week my husband and I took a step of faith. It felt scary to me in a lot of ways, and we had to pray through it. I also needed to ask a couple friends to pray with me, because I was not feeling calm, and I wanted calm. God brought this verse to me immediately and I began to feel waves of calm come over me as we moved forward with our decision. I even woke up in the night, feeling assured that God was with me, singing me His lullaby.
Near the end of the week, God sent a friend with a gift for us; it completely redeemed our step of faith! It was so incredible and once again I am amazed by what God does and who He is!
He continues to call me into deeper places, because He is deep. He assures me that He will be there all of the day with His lovingkindness. And, when  the nightfalls He will still be there, singing His sweet song over me. It will be so constant, it will be the prayer of my life!
Before this step, He kept repeating to me "Hope in God" and each time I would open my Bible it would seem to fall to Psalms 43:5
Hope in God
For I shall yet praise Him, 
the help of my countenance and my God.
Deep places require hope, and all hope comes from God. I am learning that more and more. Praises to the name of God!
So today I will Say That Again!

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