Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Next Day

I woke up this morning after a restless night of sleep. The first thing I saw was the beautiful flowers my friend brought to me yesterday. It was definitely a better start to my day.

My husband and children left early to go with the rest of my family on a float trip down the river. I walked outside with them to say goodbye and I was greeted by a beautiful sunflower in my flower pot.

I have had a quiet day, with a lot of rest. A friend brought food for my family to eat later, she gave us fresh vegetables from her garden. We sat outside together in the swing, and enjoyed the sun.
Then, later in the day, another friend stopped by and brought me a more flowers.

She put them in my button vase and sat them on the coffee table. I think they are beautiful.
My husband and children came bursting through the door around dinner time, my adult children were close behind. We ate dinner together and talked. My family played a game, and I watched. I was pleased just to see them and be with them.
Life sure can throw some curve balls, and it sure can be hard. Even so, life is beautiful. It is full of color, love, laughter, joy, and the hope of something more! There is always another day. Say That Again, Jesus, You are in my days, my nights, my everything, and I am blessed.


  1. thanks for sharing such a sweet reminder that God lays on the hearts of others to bless us when life throws those dang curve balls.


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