Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Women's Retreat

Yesterday was the Women's Retreat for Agape Celebration. It was a very good day. For me personally, I felt blessed to see so many women relaxing, crafting, playing, praying, eating, laughing, talking, and enjoying God's beauty.  I was able to meet new people. I experienced generous hearts, tender moments, nostalgia, frustration, fatigue, pain, hope, love, joy, and a new level of belief in God.
The theme of the retreat was "Do You Believe?" and I think that question presented a challenge for each person on our team. For me, it brought up all kinds of things. But, for the day of the retreat, I had to ask myself the question, "Do You Believe?" My body has been stressed and not feeling well, and as I have pushed through, I continue to ask God the big questions. Do I believe He will get me through?
On the morning of the retreat I reminded myself that God's calling is not irrevocable. He does not ask His children to do something, and then not equip them to do it. He clearly sent many people into my life to help me, He has equipped me with great strength.
God's promises stand true forever, I don't need anything more. His Spirit surrounds me, and those around me, mighty is His Name!
So, yesterday, as I watched God work among all the beautiful women, I was in awe at His Holiness!  His Spirit was moving in our midst and we were all standing on holy ground. He was speaking through each one of us, holding us, racing around on the scavenger hunt, sitting in the chairs, walking up the drive, His presence smiled everywhere. The words "Do You Believe" continued to run through my mind, and it took me back to several years ago when I knew God was asking me to start Agape. It was scary to step out, but He walked by our side, and He has stayed there.
Now, Agape has grown, and is growing. God is asking me, "Do you believe?"  He will continue to root His Spirit deep within our team and love others. He will speak truth and grow each one of us. He will bring us to new depths of intimacy with Him and with each other, and we will truly know eternal life here on earth.
Yes I do believe this is His calling. My friend asked what the adventure would be this year, well, I don't know what that is, but I do believe it will be an adventure!
Jesus, Say That Again, You have an adventure!

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