Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Ponderabilities

Yesterday was a good day with my Warrior Sisters. We gathered together to cook. Agape Celebration gets to provide meals for others in need. We spent a couple hours in the kitchen making some food we could put in the freezer. It was fun!

We also ate together, and talked about our upcoming event in February, Soup for Saints. I'm curious about this event, and praying that God will bring many people from our community that love to cook and want to enter their soups. If they have the winning soup, there are great prizes!
As a team of Sisters, we have been playing secret Santa with each other; it's been a lot of fun. I've enjoyed giving gifts, and it's been fun going to my office and finding gifts on my desk. We all brought gifts to each other, and we sat on the couch and opened them. For most of us, it's not a secret anymore who brought the gift, but still for some of us, it's a mystery! We also wrote on big red Christmas ornaments, "Warrior Sister Saints" and we each signed our names, an ornament for each of us. It is a good Christmas memory.

My favorite word right now is ponder. I like to consider things deeply and thoroughly. I like to weigh them carefully in my mind, meditate and pray over them, and consider them thoughtfully. I will ponder most things.
Sometimes I feel such a battle inside of me, and I know it's the attack of the Enemy rushing his arrows right for my heart. I also know that the Keeper of my Soul has wrapped me up in His warmth and righteousness, and I am protected. Yet, there is the battlefield.
As I am stepping into the Christmas Season, surrounded by my Warrior Sister Saints, I am seeing the battle. I am praising God for the Gift of His Son, and the Victory He has given all of us. I know He has mighty plans for my Warrior Sisters, and the battle is not small. At the same time, the Victory is so very big, the gift so beautiful!
Sweet Jesus, Say That Again to me as I ponder Your gifts and Your victory. You are the Gift, You are the Victory!

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