Saturday, July 19, 2014


We left this last Thursday to go camping. I will admit that I really did not want to go. It felt like a ton of work to me. Thursday was NOT my favorite day, I probably should have stayed in bed with the covers over my head, and the idea of camping did not make the day any better.
But, my husband really wanted me to go and he thought I should go. My kids wanted me to go, so I bucked up and off I went, camping, in the woods, in a tent, by the river.
When we arrived, it was dark. Oh joy. I was so very tired. At first I was thinking that my sleep was going to be on a flat air mattress but then my husband informed me that he had purchased a new one, and I felt relief.  I sent a word of praise to God for blessing me with this man, and I also smirked. I felt like my husband was on a mission to make sure my camping experience was a good one!
We unloaded the truck and set up camp. It all went very well. We had good lights to set up both tents and get all our gear in place. We crawled into our sleeping bags and quickly fell into dream land.  I slept so peacefully! It was good.
The next morning was an early morning for us. We had a nice fire going in the fire pit and we were about to settle in for breakfast when my husband realized that we had left home without the cereal. Whoops! He drove down the road about 15 miles to buy some cereal to go with our milk and all was well again in our camp.
The day was slow with walks by the river and children fishing. I was able to read books and relax by the river. Later in the evening when it was chilly we had a fire and we made smores and popped corn. It was all very nice.
That night it was colder and I was snuggled in my bag. I was looking forward to coming home and having a shower and getting warm. I was thankful though that God had used my husband to bring me camping. I complained, I whined, I said I didn't want to go, but he knew that once I got away it would be good for me. He was right. It was good for me.
Sometimes it feels like this with God. He will tell me that if I go a particular way it will be good for me, but I don't always see it that way. I complain, I whine, I say I don't really want to go. But His promise to me is that it will be good.  When I listen, it is good. His word to me is always true and I always benefit. There is rest.
Jesus, thank you for reminding me of that this weekend. I know You will Say That Again to me when I need you!

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