Monday, November 23, 2015

Where's the Power?

Last week we experienced a strong wind storm, the lights flickered, and then our power went out. We were then without lights, heat and water for the next four days!
It felt like the wind had swooped in on us and blown it away.
Thousands of people in our community were hit by the wind storm, and left without power.
For us, we were very fortunate to have family and friends that still had power in their homes and welcomed us to come shower and stay warm. We had friends that offered us food, and a generator. It was very kind and helpful.
The experience was good, and eye-opening.
I saw the goodness of others, and I felt loved.
I witnessed how quickly things can change from normal to not so normal.
I was impressed with how well my children adjusted and sailed through each day.
I was incredibly thankful for everything provided to me from our loving God.
I felt blessed to still have power at our office.
It was Saturday morning when we heard our son calling from his bedroom with excitement "the lights are back on!" And, sure enough, the power had come back on. I was eager to take a shower!
I think we quickly forget how blessed we are. We've been given so much abundance and luxury, but we become accustomed to it all. It is sometimes easy to take it all for granted, but when the wind blew and it all went away, and it stayed away, I was more and more grateful. 
I like having power. I like to see in the dark. I like having heat on cold mornings, and I really love hot showers. I especially enjoy having water to drink. These are all wonderful gifts from God, and I am so thankful to have them back!
Praise Him today for all that He has blessed you with; it's the week of Thanksgiving. And, there's so much to be thankful for. 
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